Lavender Blue Quilting - Long Arm Machine Quilting
Quilting Preparation: 
  • Remove stray threads from quilt back, mainly light colored quilt tops.
  • Do not pin or baste the layers of your quilt together.
  • Remove selvedges from backing fabric if joins are in backing fabric.
  • All four sides of quilt top and back should be square and straight.
  • Extra will be charged if squaring the backing is still to be done.
  • Backing and wadding should be a minimum of 6" wider and longer than the overall quilt top. 
  • Quilt top should be pressed and square with all seams ironed in desired direction.
Estimating Costs:
To get an estimate cost:
  • Measure the width and length in inches at centre of the quilt. 
  • multiply width x length.
  • divide by 144.
  • Multiply this answer by the dollar amount.
E.G: 60"x50"=3000 sq ins, divided by 144 = 20.83 sq ft. Multiply by $ amount. E.G: 20.83 x $4.50 = $94.00.
                    Price is also subject to designs and individual requirements.
Machine Basting                                                                                        $3.00 sq ft
Stippling/Simple Meandering                                                                     $5.50 sq ft
Pantograph or Allover Creative Meander                                                  $6.00 sq ft
Simple Creative Quilting Designs                                                              $7.50 sq ft
Custom Quilting                                                                                         $9.00 sq ft
Attach prepared binding to Quilt Top Only                                                 $1.80 lineal ft
To make binding and attach to Quilt Top Only                                           $3.00 lineal ft
To Make, attach to Top and Hand Sew Down on Back                             $6.00 lineal ft
Wadding Available                                                                                    $POA
Larger Quilts (90 inch sides approx)                                                         $POA

Prices are subject to customers providing their own wadding.
Minimum Charge for Quilting $85.00 
For further information please feel free to contact me to discuss your quilt requirements.
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