Lavender Blue Quilting - Long Arm Machine Quilting
I own a Gammill Long Arm Quilting Machine, and offer basic designs,simple freestyle quilting, custom quilting and pantograph designs on your treasured quilt tops. A binding service is also offered so your quilt top can be completed at the same time. For the hand quilters I can also baste your layers together thereby eliminating the basting procedure for you. Wadding is also available if needed. Please see Pricing and Preparation for more details.
Pantograph Quilting
A continuous line design is worked from one edge of the quilt to the other, and repeated from top to bottom of the quilt. This is also known as edge to edge quilting.
Creative Meander Quilting
Creative freehand quilting styles designed to enhance each quilt.
Large all over freehand meander, large stipple, simple flowers, leaves, loops, stars, swirls.
Medium all over freehand meander, stipple, simple flowers, leaves, loops, stars, swirls. Line
dancing designs, more detailed designs such as butterflies,  garden branching, freehand block, sashing and border treatments.
Custom Quilting
A more detailed version of quilting where block motifs may be used and are sized specifically for each quilt, stitch in the ditch, and more variety of detail included. These include detailed designs such as feathers, complex flowers etc.
Stitch-in-the-ditch, block motifs, meander where appropriate, custom borders, any outline of appliqué, echoing around appliqué,  placement of sashing designs, circles, detailed background fills where appropriate and intricate custom borders.
Rows of long straight stitches across the quilt, 10 cm apart to secure the three layers together ready for you to hand or machine quilt.
A full binding service is available. You may choose to supply fabric and have your binding cut and made for you, pre-cut your binding, have it machine applied to the front of the quilt then hand finish it yourself or I can finish it for you.
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